Meet and Greet Virtual Lounge

Meet and greet with our school’s Horace Mann Agent.

Chester Copeland from Horace Mann Insurance will be available to meet with you (virtually) and answer your questions. Space is limited. Register today!

Here are some of the topics we can discuss:

FRS Topics:

  • DROP
  • Pension Plan vs Investment Plan
  • Exiting the FRS early?
  • When am I eligible to retire?
  • What will my spouse receive?

Insurance Topics:

  • How much life insurance do I need?
  • Will my life insurance expire?
  • Why do I need a cancer and heart policy?
  • What will a disability policy cover?

Auto and Home Insurance:

  • How much coverage do I need?
  • What do these coverages mean?
  • Why do my rates keep going up?
  • What discounts am I not getting?

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