InsurePolk – Meeting Polk County’s Insurance Needs Since 2011

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InsurePolk – Meeting Polk County’s Insurance Needs Since 2011

A History To Be Proud Of

In 2017, Hurricane Irma passed directly over Polk County. It was the strongest hurricane to ever form in the Atlantic Ocean and caused unprecedented damage. Luckily, by the time it reached inland, it was a category 2, but that still left residents to face winds up to 100 miles an hour and major flooding. 

By the time Irma left, 18,314 structures were damaged. There were 71 buildings destroyed while another 1,328 sustained major damage. Thousands were without power, and it would be weeks before life returned to normal. In moments like this, a professional insurance company can be the difference between ruin and a fresh restart.

InsurePolk sprung into action, helping families recover their losses by helping them through the claims process. As a local company, we had immediate access to our clients. 

Our history shows our dedication to the community and our clients. Let’s look at how far we’ve come over the years. 

2011 – The Journey Begins 

Early in his wife’s teaching career, owner Joe Fisher and his wife became clients of Horace Mann insurance. They were so impressed with the service that they decided to buy an agency in 2011. Since Mrs. Fisher is a teacher, they understand the pressure, time constraints, and financial pressures families in Polk County face, in particular when disaster strikes. It’s why InsurePolk has such a strong dedication to helping families plan ahead and meet their insurance needs

We’ve been in the same office since the beginning, but the mission of helping families stays the same. 

A Strong Commitment To Education

From the beginning, InsurePolk has been involved in the educational community. In 2011, shortly after buying the agency, we formed our first school partnership with Padgett Elementary and Sleepy Hill Middle School. 

Since then, we’ve added partnerships with over 30 schools. Now, Joe is on the School Advisory Council, a business partner for Polk County Schools, and frequently volunteers at schools around the area. 

We also offer special rates to educators because we understand the special place that education has in shaping the future of a community. 

Expansion of Services 

Starting in 2014, InsurePolk began expanding our home insurance agencies by acquiring other agencies throughout the years. This expanded the number of home insurance companies to write policies. 

We’re now able to offer better service, better prices, and more products to the people of Polk County. Our growth over the years has allowed us to serve the community we love more efficiently.

A Proud Past And A Bright Future 

Although we’re proud of our past, we always keep our eyes towards the future. We will always work hard to help you protect your family and prepare you for the future. We’ll also continue our work in the education field to improve the future of our home, Polk County. 
Do you want to protect our future and join us on our journey? Contact us today for help with all of your insurance and retirement needs.

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